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Using Caches

The datajs cache API provides a very simple way of reading large paginated results into the browser in an efficient way that is very responsive to the needs of the user interface.

The intent is to provide improved performance and resilience to intermittent network issues for pages that display a collection of data. The collection can be much larger than what might be loaded in memory. End users will often interact with only a subset of items at a time. Common ways are interacting one item at a time, in fixed-size pages that are individually selected, or in a continuous scrollable list.

The API is appropriate for collections that aren't changing quickly, because the cache will not accept local modifications and will not contact the server for fresh data; instead the application can control when to do so by simply clearing the read-only contents. This allows improved performance by minimizing the number of rqeuests and the amount of data requested from the server. Resiliency is also improved by caching data in-memory or on-disk.

The benefit to web developers is that this is all accomplished through a single API that behaves consistently regardless of the actual capabilities of the browser.

For example, to read the first 10 items from a service, a page can include the following code.

var cache = datajs.createDataCache({
  name: "sessions", 
  source: ""

// Read ten items from the start and use jQuery template to render them on the page.
cache.readRange(0, 10).then(function (data) {
  $.tmpl($("#my-template"), data).appendTo("#somewhere");

// Add a handler to a button named 'remove-data' to remove the data the cache has.
$("#remove-data").click(function() {
  cache.clear().then(function() { alert("bye-bye data"); });

// Add a handler to a button named 'refresh-button' to refresh all the data.
$("#refresh-button").click(function() {
  cache.clear().then(function() {
    // Go re-read the data from the cache, and it will be fresh.
    // ...

See also the datajs cache API reference.
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